Worldwide Technical Collaboration

Baketime Limited is manufacturer and distributor of biscuits and allied savoury products, and possesses substantial, technical and other information in relation to the production, packaging, marketing and distribution of such products. Its management has worldwide experience of the biscuit industry.

Baketime are seeking to enter into technical collaboration and grant license to companies worldwide, and offer technical know-how to manufacture biscuits and allied products.

Baketime will provide assistance as follows:
1. Site location.
2. Factory layout and construction recommendations.
3. Supply and recommendation of plant and Machinery.
4. Installation of plant and Machinery.
5. Ingredient and material specifications.
6. Product recipes.
7. Process methods.
8. Labour numbers and standards.
9. Quality standards and procedures.
10. Costing standards.
11. Training.
12. Product improvement and new products.
13. Management and supervising structure.

Technical Assistance
a) Training of the Licensee’s personnel.
b) Such assistance as Baketime considers to be appropriate in connection with the start-up and manufacture of the products.
c) Dispatch of engineers, specialists and other experts, as considered necessary.
d) Testing of ingredients for the Products.
e) Advice on quality control of the Products.
f) Testing of finished Products.
g) Such assistance as Baketime considers to be appropriate in connection with the purchase of plant, equipment and raw materials and design procurement and supply of packaging promotional materials.

Baketime also act as consultants to the biscuit and snack and industry offering advice and service to establish projects on turnkey basis worldwide. This includes location and supply of new and second hand equipment, refurbishment, installation and commissioning.