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Helping clients with sweet and semi-sweet biscuits, cookies, crackers and baked snacks.

Baketime Limited, based in Teeside, England, UK

Manufacturing baked not fried snacks with the largest state-of-the-art biscuit and allied baked snack production facilities that meets the latest manufacturing standards. Baketime is a subsidiary of The Lion Match Company (PTY) Ltd. (“LMC”) of South Africa.

LMC, a formidable player in the FMCG industry in South Africa established since 1905, have acquired Baketime Ltd to expand & establish its presence in the European markets.

Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Opportunities

The company is committed to develop products by working in close partnership with its customers both at home and overseas. The production facilities are geared to cater both small and large production runs for ‘bulk supply’ and ‘private label’ customers.

The Baketime Limited technical and R&D team is amongst the finest in the world with decades of experience.


Ranging from...

  • ‘Baked not fried’ snacks, which include Savoury Biscuit and Crackers
  • Mini range of traditional Biscuits & Cookies:- Digestives, Ginger Nut, Choc Chip Cookies, Fruit Cookies, Rich Tea Fingers etc.
  • Lower in Fat, Lower in Sugar, Lower in Salt Biscuits & Snacks
  • Potato, Rice and Corn-based Snacks (Baked Potato Crisps & Tortilla Chips)
  • Healthier Biscuits for Children
  • Gluten-Free Biscuits
  • Breakfast Cereal Biscuits

All producdts offer added selling advantages in that they are:

Baked not - fried offering health benefits, our products do not contain artificial additives or flavouring. They are made using the finest natural ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians. Being produced in the UK all our products meet the highest standards of manufacturing.

State of the art production

At the forefront of the rapidly changing biscuits and baked snacks market with a pro-active attitude and a will to ensure our products and customers stay ahead of the competition.

Our factory accreditations

  • BRC Global Standards Food Accredited
  • BRC AA Grade Accredited
  • British Retail Consortium requirement for supplying UK retailers branded products

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